Why Join the OpenSpan Team?

At OpenSpan, we are driven by helping enterprises transform customer service, back office and retail storefront business units into more efficient, intelligent areas of the business. How do we do this? Every day workers in these critical areas are forced to perform unnecessary, repetitive copying and pasting because their applications cannot talk to each other, and then go unrecognized by their managers because there is no way to track what they are doing. Then they deliver sub-standard customer service because the technologies they work with are not optimized.

As an OpenSpan employee, you have the opportunity to work on teams that apply new technologies to solve enterprise problems that were previously considered unsolvable. Our solutions provide a unique lens to operations by delivering insight into people, processes and technologies by capturing transaction intelligence from the worker desktop. This intelligence is used to deploy technology solutions that remove complexity from every day work activities and streamline workflows that enable workers to engage in higher value interactions that drive increased revenue and work throughput.

Our “Work Smart-Play Hard” Culture

OpenSpan employees thrive in our customer-centric , innovation-infused work ecosystem. The “open door” policy provides any employee access to executive leadership, and our leaders celebrate diversity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Employment at OpenSpan includes an array of benefits:

  • Fun, dynamic work environment
  • Competitive salary and benefits packages
  • Ongoing career development and continuing education
  • Health and Financial wellness programs
  • “Afternoon Cinema” days
  • Company-wide sports and entertainment events


Job Opportunities at OpenSpan – Come Work with Winners!

AWS DevOps Engineer
Business Development Prospect Manager
Junior Software Engineer
Sales Development Rep
Sales Engineer Solutions Architect
Sales Enterprise Account Executive
Services Solutions Consultant
Software Engineer
Software Engineer Test Cloud
Software Engineer Test Framework

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