Improving Call Center Agent
Productivity & Performance

To make significant performance improvements in your contact center, you must address the individual agent processes that occur hundreds or thousands of times each day. What contact center agent software is used most? Which processes do your agents perform most often? Where can you find waste in those processes, in terms of lost time, unrealized revenue potential, or high frequency of errors? Improve those processes first to deliver the largest gains in contact center agent productivity.

You may have already identified tasks or processes for improvement, and those are a great place to begin. But there may be other significant process inefficiencies that are costing your call center in terms of productivity and revenue. OpenSpan Desktop Analytics software can help you development a complete picture of CSR productivity. It allows you to monitor call center agent software use, measure processes and identify opportunities for improvement. When you have identified the processes that represent your best ROI opportunities, use OpenSpan Desktop Automation to rapidly improve those processes and accelerate contact center agent performance. Using these tools, call centers around the world are:

  • Providing agents with a 360° view of the customer. CSR productivity increases dramatically when they are prepared with all the customer's information right from the start of the call. You can give them access to all the information about a customer's account and all previous interactions by adding a Customer 360 toolbar to the desktop that aggregates information from multiple systems.
  • Adding contextual, onscreen process guidance. OpenSpan can navigate agents through lengthy processes or tasks they perform infrequently. This keeps call center agent productivity high, reduces errors and minimizes training, even when processes change.
  • Streamlining processes with auto-navigation. Speed processes by automating navigation to the appropriate screen or field during a process. It saves time during the call, and used in conjunction with onscreen agent guidance, can also minimize training needs for complex processes.
  • Automating repetitive manual tasks. Why make the customer wait while agents rekey or copy and paste customer data into numerous systems? Let OpenSpan automatically push the data to all your call center agent software applications simultaneously.
  • Alerting agents to relevant sales promotions. Use OpenSpan to integrate your CRM system into agent processes so agents are prompted to present relevant up-sell and cross-sell offers during the call. This simple action can dramatically increase sales across your call center.
  • Automating searches across systems. Give agents the right information at the right time during every customer interaction by automatically bringing back data from any system, right when it is needed.
  • Enabling single sign-on for all the call center agent software applications agents use. Customers want agents to be available when they call. During a call, the customer doesn't want to endure a wait as an agent tries to remember a password or has to log in again to a system that has timed out. Make your agents available faster at the start of a shift by having OpenSpan automatically log them into all the applications they need, and prevent timeouts by keeping them logged in for their entire shift.
  • Simplifying or customizing the user interface. Create a better user environment so that applications work the way your agents do, and customers don't have to wait while agents navigate through unneeded screens or tab through unused fields during the call.

Improving call center agent processes can have many far-reaching effects. A better user environment will improve staff satisfaction, reduce training needs and reduce or eliminate errors. This in turn can result in lowered operations costs and minimize attrition in call center staff. The improved efficiency directly benefits customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and improved revenue.

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Call/Contact Center Agent Software to Increase Productivity & Improve Performance

Call/contact center agent performance are both important to the success of a call/contact center. Improving agent performance and productivity can be complicated, especially in today's economy, where companies are asking call/contact center management to accomplish more with fewer resources while at the same time continue to utilize older systems and applications.

Call/contact center agent productivity is most directly linked to the amount of calls handled or call volume handled by the agent, how successfully those calls were resolved by the agent and/or how much revenue was produced during the call from the agent providing cross-sell or up-sell offers. What affects call/contact center agent performance is what technology, systems and software packages are being utilized, the agents or representatives themselves (number of, training, skill sets, tasks required to perform), quality assurance and adherence to compliance. By evaluating a call/contact center agent's productivity and performance metrics we can best determine a path to call/contact center optimization.

Today's call/contact center agent software packages are focuses primarily on the agent desktop, whether it is by creating a unified agent desktop or through process automation. OpenSpan's call/contact center agent software solutions are designed specifically with the agent desktop in mind and have been able show 30-40% increases agent productivity and performance while at the same time contributed to an overall better customer experience.

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