Junior Software Engineer

OpenSpan has an incredibly unique full-time opportunity for the right person to join a highly-motivated team. OpenSpan provides software that automates and monitors the user interfaces of desktop applications. OpenSpan uses unique technology build on a .Net backbone that interacts with applications of various technologies, including Java, .Net, MFC, and HTML. Due to our exceptional growth and customer demand, we have an immediate opportunity for an OpenSpan Junior Integration Developer. We are looking for junior developers or recent graduates who are interested in system internals, software analysis and reverse engineering. At OpenSpan, you’ll get the chance to work in a variety of languages and platforms, including x86/x64 Assembly, C/C++, .NET/C#, Java and HTML/JavaScript.

Location: Alpharetta, GA

Responsibilities Include

  • Work hard and learn fast
  • Develop new integration features
  • Develop unit tests
  • Participate in Scrum meetings and planning
  • Deliver complete, fully-tested software every sprint
  • Interact with support to resolve customer problems

Required Skills

  • Experience developing a software product is a must. A true tenacious desire to learn with career discipline and methodical style are the key ingredients
  • Hands-on programming with either C/C++, .NET/C# or Java
  • Interest in disassembly, system internals and reverse-engineering. Experience not required
  • Good understanding of object-oriented design
  • Good debugging and problem solving skills
  • Must be able to perform in a fast-paced interactive development environment
  • Self-taught, highly intelligent and ability to work with minimal supervision

Desired Skills

  • Must have good interpersonal skills and be able to work in a team environment
  • Ability to develop positive and productive working relationships
  • Must be capable of consuming and understanding existing code base
  • Be challenged by obstacles; a good problem-solver
  • Constant change is the norm, flexibility is key
  • Must be able to juggle multiple tasks and function well under pressure
  • Manage daily workflow
  • Capable of working in a fast-moving, agile, start-up environment
  • Must be able to work closely with Customer Support team
  • Can communicate effectively with both Development Teams and Senior Management
  • Present technical issues and status to Development and Management teams

Education and Experience

  • BS degree in Computer Science or related technical engineering degree, or equivalent industry experience

About OpenSpan:

OpenSpan is a provider of activity intelligence and desktop automation solutions that improve performance, drive revenue and increase efficiencies in contact center, back office and retail storefront environments. Activity Intelligence provides actionable, real-time activity and performance insight used to make informed decisions about people and technologies. Leveraging the critical insight from desktop analytics, organizations use desktop automation to streamline worker activity, simplify critical service processes and remove technology barriers as means to deliver a gold-standard customer experience. OpenSpan solutions are deployed on more than 300,000 desktops across the world, and are optimizing billions of transactions in the banking and financial services, insurance, telecommunications, retail and technology industries.

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Who Uses OpenSpan?

Customers Customers Customers Customers Customers

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